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Rest & Rhythm - Voice Ayrton Parham, "Healing" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Patience & Resilience - Ayrton Parham
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Joy & Gratitude

Patience & Resilience

Love & Healing


Chära - our onsite holistic wellness program.

Enjoy these Complimentary Guided Meditations during your stay, or at home.


Joy & Gratitude - Voice Ayrton Parham, "Healing" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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CHARA Group Fitness Class - MELT Method  $20/per Participant
At Allegretto, we've taken your joyful wellness to a whole new level with our rejuvenating and body-aware MELT class. 
Please call 1-805-369-2500 Option 0 for the Resort Concierge to register and check space availability.
The MELT Method® (MELT®)


The way we view aging and maintaining an active lifestyle is changing. 

We want to be "in our body" more perhaps than even when we were younger. 

We want to be more active, have more energy and even have more mobility to do the things we

enjoy and to live our best life. 

How can we live better, longer? Exercise and nutrition are just not enough. 

MELT is the missing link that will revolutionize how we view aging and longevity. 

Science has revealed that the connective tissue in your body is renewable.

MELT will help to reactivate and rejuvenate this resource. 

Muscles are what move us, but its the connective tissue that stabilizes us. 

It is what provides us our shape. Its a system of connection, its how we connect our organs,

and our tissue to the bones to the body. 

When you feel stiff, it can indicate the connective tissue is dehydrated. 

When you MELT, you actually re-hydrate the connective tissue and you get the correct fluid back where it belongs.

Your body is "happier" when its hydrated. 

MELT is a simple, easy, self-treatment technique that uses a specialized roller as well as hand & foot balls (provided in class) to bring your body back to balance. 

The joints move better, it makes the organs work better, and it makes your body feel good!

With MELT you will notice a difference right away. 

We offer this class every Saturday at 9 AM (some exceptions, please call for availability).
Advanced Reservations Required and guest must register by 6 PM on Friday evening.  Any payments made after 6 PM for the following morning will be refunded.
We have a 48 hr cancellation requirement for any refund. 
Space is limited and it is first come-first serve, so please sign up early to ensure availability.